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Russell Newell is a Massachusetts native who grew up in Billerica, mostly in a large swamp wrecking shoes and retrieving all of the toys he had thrown there. He spent summers exploring the bogs and beaches, woods and bike paths spread across Buzzards Bay.

With an Irish mother by way of Roscommon, this proclivity toward wildness and wandering was inevitable.

Newell also inherited from the Irish a love for storytelling. His writing career began at the tender age of eleven when his short story, The Fox’s Hard Life, was published in the Hamilton- Wenham Chronicle.

After this early triumph, Newell entered his teen years and a period in the wilderness. He emerged after a decade with a brief turn as a sports reporter for the Salem Evening News and later as a journalism graduate student in Boston University’s Washington, DC program where he covered Congress for local Massachusetts papers.

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ISBN: 9781457536700

328 pages

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At a time before Amber Alerts and America’s Most Wanted, missing children on milk cartons and DNA forensics, on Christmas Day, 1977, the little boy of the premier mutual fund manager in America disappears.

Thus begins Gus Delaney’s long journey to find his son and discover what happened. Was he kidnapped? Is he still alive? Is his ex-wife involved? When the police begin to suspect Gus, he loses everything and descends from the pinnacles of success, where the world adores him, to a private hell on Earth, abandoned and alone.

Meanwhile, Jack Delaney is brought into a bewildering world by strange people who tell him he has been chosen and must forget about his old life. Isolated from the outside world, Jack learns to forget about a father he believes stopped looking for him long ago, until unfamiliar, forbidden feelings and the revelation of a dark secret cause him to question everything he once believed.

"First-rate thriller..."

- Kirkus Reviews