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In "The Boy and What Might Have Been," a heartbroken and determined father dedicates his life to searching for his son, who was kidnapped while riding his bicycle near his home on Christmas Day, 1977.

Although the book is a fictional tale, the issue of missing and exploited children is a sad reality in today's world.

Russell Newell was inspired to write the book based in part on the tragic story of Molly Bish, a 16-year-old lifeguard from Warren, Massachusetts who disappeared in 2000.

"It struck me how that happened on a public beach, and how awful that must be for her parents," Newell says. "It must be the worst thing any human being can go through. How can you move on if your kid is still out there, not knowing if they are alive or not? So I thought it'd be fascinating to write about a boy going missing, and the father being singularly focused on trying to find his son."

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)* reports that it assisted law enforcement with more than 13,700 cases of missing children during 2015. Of these cases, 86 percent were endangered runaways, and one in five of those runaways likely were the victims of child trafficking. The remaining 14 percent of cases involved family abductions (10 percent); lost, injured or otherwise missing children (2 percent); nonfamily abductions (1 percent); and, critically missing young adults (ages 18 to 20, 1 percent).

Dissemination of information about missing children is critical to their recovery. For example, the national AMBER Alert program has successfully recovered 794 children, including 25 recoveries credited to the wireless emergency alert program.

On this page, you can find links to the NCMEC and a banner showing information about children who are currently missing. There is also a feed of latest AMBER Alerts, and a link to the CyberTipline to report a missing child. Please check back often for more information and to help law enforcement find these children.

* Disclaimer: The information on this page is provided as a helpful public resource. Nothing in this Website is intended to claim or imply that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) or the Molly Bish Foundation (MBF) benefit from the sale of Russell Newell's writings/goods/services, or create an impression of any endorsement, affiliation, partnership or sponsorship by NCMEC/MBF of Russell Newell or his products, goods, services, activities, or Website. Information from NCMEC and from AMBER Alerts is derived from automated external content; no claim is made as to original works, and Russell Newell is not responsible for such content.

Missing and Exploited Children